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Privacy Policy

I am pretty sure that you’re concerned about your privacy online so do take some time to read this.

Ever Heard Of Cookies?

These aren’t the gooey, chocolatey, and yummy cookies our moms used to bake for us. When we talk about cookies here, we’re referring to the small files that are loaded with information. The websites (we visit) load information to the cookies. The cookies, on the other hand, are then stored in our computer’s hard drive. Once they’re stored there, the websites (we had gone on) can pretty much size us up as a visitor. They’ll have an idea as to what our preferences are based on the pages we visit. They will also know where we are located because they will be able to see our IP address, which is also stored as a text file in the cookies.

That is the reason why we see some banners or advertisements when we are online. In some cases, it’s also one of the reasons why we get a lot of junk emails.

But cookies aren’t really that dangerous to our computers. They don’t run any programs so there’s no risk of getting some kind of virus. But for some, that’s considered dangerous in a way because there’s just too much information available for the websites. Should that make anyone uneasy, it’s best to simply turn off the cookies.

Personal Information Shared Here

My visitors have to share their name and email address with me if they want to use my contact form. They share the same kind of personal information when they want to post a comment as well. From the comments, I am also able to see the IP address of the visitor.

This is an information not a lot of people know about but I seriously think they should. Should there be any comments that violate the terms and conditions of a website, the IP address can help reveal who the commentator is and where the commentator is located. Suffice to say, there’s a lot of information that can be gathered from one single IP address.

What I Do To Protect Privacy

What I do here to protect everybody’s privacy is very simple. I do not share, expose, trade, or sell any kind of personal information here on my website. Unless there is a violation of my terms and conditions, I vow to protect my visitors’ personal information. That’s all for how. Please watch out for any updates here.