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A Friendlier Workplace With Carbonite Business Backup


Stress is always present in any kind of workplace. It can certainly do without it. But unfortunately, it always finds itself in the workplace. There’s just no way you can totally eliminate stress in the workplace.

Uncertainty. This is the most common cause of stress in the workplace. You’re not happy with your job because you’re pressured to accomplish more than what is outlined in your terms of reference. Workload is unbearable and you want to quit your job. But then, you’re confronted with the uncertainty of finding another job. So to play it safe, you stick to your current job.

According to a poll conducted by Monster, a job search site, about fifty percent of unhappy employees take the risk. They change jobs to escape the stress in the workplace. Although it’s not clear if they’re totally stress-free in their new jobs, the point is disgruntled employees do take the risk just to break away from stress.

In another survey of about nine hundred respondents, it cites that the cause of stress is also brought about by an employee’s relationship with the boss. This is followed by workload, balancing work and personal life, and dealing with co-workers.

You can definitely relate to these findings. No one is exempt from the workplace stress.

What is alarming about the surveys is that there isn’t much that’s done to control the stress level in the workplace. There is less focus on enhancing work environment.

It can cost the company a lot of money, time, and resources to enhance working conditions. Team building sessions can be quite costly. They may not also be that effective unless they’re scheduled regularly. If they are, it can be very costly considering it entails a downtime. Even if it’s a weekend activity, it can still cost the company a lot of money.

One affordable way to deal with stress in the workplace is to rely on online data backup. Making use of online backup services such as Carbonite releases you from the stress of data loss. With one less thing to worry about, you’ll have more time to focus on your responsibilities and tasks.

One of the most obvious reasons as to why you should consider Carbonite is because of its automatic backup. You’re finally free of the burden of backing up you files. With Carbonite, you don’t have to do that anymore. That is one less task to worry about.

Your workplace will definitely benefit from the services of Carbonite. Your files aren’t just backed up automatically but continuously as well. And to top it all, your files aren’t just backed up to the cloud. With Carbonite Server Backup, your files are also backed up locally. Hence, you not only get the advantage of backing up to the cloud. You also have the advantage of backing up locally which means you can always get back your files in the event of any kind of computer crash or natural disaster. This is called the hybrid backup and it’s perfect for the toxic workplace. It can definitely lessen workplace stress since it guarantees easy data backup and retrieval.

It’s hard to deal with your boss, workload, personal life, and your co-workers on a daily basis. But you have to. You have to earn a living, right? So the good thing is that you can actually reduce the stress in your workplace. Instead of escaping the stress in your current workplace, you can do something about it.

You can recommend Carbonite Business backup in your workplace. Tell your boss or supervisor about the benefits of Carbonite. Present all the business plans of Carbonite and emphasize on the hybrid backup. Furthermore, explain the security measures of Carbonite. Point out that all the files are encrypted before they’re backed up online. Then cite the automatic and continuous backup, fixed annual fee of the each business plan, free valet installation of the software, and customer support. Most importantly, relate how the benefits and advantages of Carbonite enhance productivity in the workplace, lessening the toxic factors that lead to stress.

Carbonite is one good way to deal with stress in the workplace. The fact that you don’t have to worry about your files spares you from the stress of backing up them all up. With that task gone, you can concentrate on your deliverables and responsibilities. By the way, you can get some tremendous savings from a business Carbonite offer code featured on 95Box. It’s rare that you will be able to find discount offers on this online backup solution so I highly recommend that you use this. This Carbonite offer code can really help you save your business a lot of money. The savings that you get can be used for other parts of your business.

And if you’re able to deliver and accomplish your work, your relationship with your boss is enhanced, your workload becomes bearable, your personal life improves (considering the fact that you have more time for it), and your co-workers are happy as well. You simply cannot deny the positive impact Carbonite has in the workplace. You will never have to deal with data loss, which can be very stressful. Yes, it is possible to have a friendlier workplace with Carbonite.